314 KM | Guadagnolo, Rome – Mt. Renoso, Corsica

Distance314 Kilometers
ByAlessandro De Benedictis
CameraNikon D750 @ ISO100 – 10”
LensTamron SP 150-600 mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 @ f./10
DateOctober 08th 2019

Who could ever imagine that you can see Corsica from Rome?

But yes, you can! And thanks to Alessandro we now know that one can see it really well! Impressive clear contidions on this day allowed for a crispy view down to the horizon.

Achieving such a long line of sight, over the sea, is always a little bit harded than over terrain. Evaporated water will create a more humid air along our view, blocking the observation of long distante targets.

However, under clean conditions, this can be done. These conditions usually happen when dry air is blowing over the area or a high pressure system is “pushing” all the air down to the surface.

One case or the other, this is what you can see in the picture!

And, of course, the map of the situation:

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