381 KM | Canigó, Pyrenees – Tête de Chabriere, Alps

When this picture was taken, it became the distant sight world record.

It was overtaken by this picture at 388 km. and then by this picture at 443 km.

Distance381 Kilometers
By  / Marc Bret
CameraNikon D5100 @ ISO200 – 1/1250
LensED80 APO Refractor Telescope (900 mm. equiv.)
DateJuly 13th 2014 – 06:15:41

After days of researching, Marc discovered that certain peaks in Maritime Alps range will show in front of the sun at sunrise near summer solstice, in concret 13th July for the first of them. Even better, this event will became in a new world record for distant sighting.

Here it is.

The Moon as seen from Canigó summit at 2.786 meters

As we noticed this event will happen on the morning of July 13th 2014, we started the preparation that led us to wake up at 4:00 am in Cortalets mountain refuge, just 600 meters below Canigó summit.

After some 2 hours walking under the full moon light, we reached the top at 6:05 am, just 10 minutes before the show began.

The trekking from Cortalets to Canigó is not a difficult one, and at night it was a great experience as the moon illuminated the track, while at the horizon the sunlight was becoming each time more evident, telling us to hurry up.

Trekking under moonlight provide us some great pictures.

At the summit, a big cross and a french mountaineer accompained us during the show, that we recorded consciously.

We were looking at the sun rising, and we knew how the Alps’ silhouettes would look like, so by the time we took the pictures, it was true that we had a new World Record.

Details on the Summits

As can be seen, from this simulation made in udeuschle webpage, the profiles match perfectly:

Simulation of the view

And even more, that all the preparation and research had been properly done, as the results were as expected. More than 380 km. recorded in a single picture:

Map explaining the View

After the sunrise, the clouds covered part of the horizon, but the show continued…

The sun continuing its way up.
Canigó shadow projected into surrounding valleys

An special mention has to be done to Marcos Molina, that even not attending this adventure, has been part of our team also and he took part in the elaboration of this plan.

To read press release in Spanish, please click here.

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